Shipping Information

Shipping is done by 'zones' now, which changes things a bit.

When checking out you'll be presented with several options, and you've just gotta pick the one that corresponds to what you're buying, pretty self explanatory. For example, if you buy 1 record, you'd select the 1 record option, if you're buying 2, select 2 etc. If there's no option to match what you're buying then just choose the closest fit, eg: you're buying a vinyl and shirt, choose 2 records shipping option.

Info for US/Euro customers:

TCS now has 3 bases of operations, most of which flows through me in the UK, however there are some exceptions which are explained below. Please note that because a lot of it comes through me first, your orders can take a while to get to you, as I will wait until there are enough orders together to then send over to Adam/Gunther, me sending over 1 record to Gunther to then send out is just a massive waste of money. 

Everything will come through me first, be that records from the plant, shirts from the printers, whatever. I box it up and then send it over to Gunther in Florida who will then ship it all out tracked. 

Mostly everything will come through me first, similar to the US, I will then pack it up and send it over to Adam in Poland who will then get your orders out tracked. The only exception here is vinyl preorders which will be sent straight to Adam from the plant.